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At SSCL, we pride ourselves in the depth of knowledge and expertise held by our team of specialists, and we want to share this expertise with you..

We offer select training seminars, providing the opportunity for you and your team to develop your skills and understanding of topics such as the space environment, mission design, digital mission modelling, and more.


Explore below to find out more about the courses currently being offered. 


Introduction to Space Applications 

This course, presented by experts in their fields, provides a unique opportunity for public servants and individuals in the commercial sector to better understand the complexities of the space environment, mission design, and applications.



Choose from select courses to improve your STK skills. Learn the core capabilities of Ansys STKPro, develop hands-on skills in developing multi-domain scenarios, or request customized training to suit your needs. Suitable for new and returning users.


Registration Info

Registration Information

To view our registration and cancellation policy, follow the link below or access the Registration Policy page in the Training dropdown menu

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