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Digital Mission Engineering

SSCL and Ansys

SSCL has partnered with Ansys to bring digital mission modelling capabilities to our clients.


We offer support services for your existing projects, hold expert-led training sessions to help you get the most out of your software, and can even help you purchase the mission modelling software that best suits your needs. 

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Explore below to learn more about the offered mission modelling and analysis support services, or to explore the available Ansys DME products that we offer.

What is DME?


Digital Mission Engineering (DME) uses computer-based modelling, simulation, and analysis software to evaluate the mission effectiveness of technology or systems within an operational context. This allows users to analyse operations and outcomes in a realistic environment and reduces the need for physical prototypes.

What is STK?

Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a digital mission engineering application that allows users to model operations and analyze mission performance within realistic operational environments. This application offers high-fidelity and time-dynamic simulations set in physics-based operating environments, while  providing valuable information and insight to industries such as aerospace, defence, telecommunications, and more.

Mission Modelling and Analysis

Services Offered:

  • Help Desk 

  • Embedded Support

  • Full-service Software Support

SSCL, in conjunction with Ansys, offers select services to help assist and support you in your digital mission modelling projects.

You can request assistance with workflows or scripts, support for classified or embedded projects, or full-service computing for your larger or complex models. 

To explore the available services or to submit a service request, follow the link below.

Training Opportunities

SSCL offers select training courses to support you in your development. Learn to hone your skills and get the most out of your software with 3-day, expert-led training courses, focusing on the core capabilities of using Ansys Systems Tool Kit.  

About Ansys

Ansys has been a leading provider of simulation and digital modelling software for more than 50 years. With applications such as sustainable transportation, satellite systems, medical technologies, and more, Ansys software provides innovators with the power and opportunity to push boundaries and facilitate technological advancement. Explore below to learn more about some of their software products.

Ansys DME Products

If you think these products could be right for you, send us a message using the link below!

Ansys Technology Solutions Team

Bruce Burlton


Aerospace Systems

Houman_Hakima_PERSONAL_1849 - Copy_edited.jpg

Houman Hakima


Space Systems


Kevin Stadnyk


DME Engineer

LReeves headshot.jpg

Lawrence Reeves


Space Systems

PaulAllenPic (1)_edited.jpg

Paul Allen


Aerospace Systems

Maskell edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Paul Maskell

Senior Advisor,

Space Programs

SSCL Icon-01.png

Randy Hartmann


EW Systems

See  Bio >>

Wayne Ellis_edited.jpg

Wayne Ellis


Ansys Technology Solutions

More Information

For more information about Ansys and what they have to offer,

visit their website!

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