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November 21-23, 2023

STK, or Systems Tool Kit, from Ansys, is a dynamic analysis and visualization environment for engineers, scientists, operators, and mission planners.  

We offer multiple STK training options to help you make the most out of your experience. Take our STKCore® course to learn the fundamentals and capabilities of Ansys' STK Pro   modelling program, build on your existing knowledge with a focus on space-related capabilities through our STKSpace course, or inquire about setting up custom training to best suit your needs! Explore below to learn more about the different options.

To inquire about the different training options or upcoming sessions, or to register for a course, send us a message through the Contact Us section below.

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Course Details


SSCL Offices

260 Hearst Way, Suite 401

Kanata (Hwy 417 @ Eagleson Rd)

Course Registration Fee

$1599 Cdn + HST per person

Earlybird $1399 Cdn + HST

(Group rates available upon request)


Course Description

STKCore® is focused, hands-on training on Ansys' industry-standard analysis and visualization software, Systems Tool Kit (STK). It emphasizes and explores the key skills and knowledge regarding STK's business logic in order to create, modify, analyze, and obtain output from STK scenarios.


STKCore® includes exposure to the core capabilities of Ansys' STK Pro product which includes sensors, coverage analysis, communications and RADAR systems analysis, and much more. Attendees will develop and hone their skills to develop and produce impactful output from STK such as images, movies, reports, and graphs. This output can enhance proposals and projects, and can be an important value-add for decision papers and concept studies

Who Should Attend
  • New Users to STK Pro — Develop new digital mission modeling workplace skills.

  • Returning Users to STK Pro — Renew your skills and secure your STK Pro investment to provide a positive impact to your organization.

What You Will Learn

Core Capabilities of Ansys STK Pro: Via instructor-led exercises, attendees will develop hands-on skills in developing multi-domain scenarios and conducting mission analysis with the goal to produce insightful and impactful output for better decisions regarding complex systems.



Course Description

STKSpace focuses on the use and capabilities of STK® Premium (Space). This course builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired from STKCore® and is designed to expose the major space capabilities of STK. 

Who Should Attend

Attendees should have some existing skills in STK. This course assumes the student is already somewhat familiar with STK business logic and is already capable of creating scenarios, adding objects, generating reports, graphs and movies, etc.

New STK users should consider taking our STKCore course (described above) before considering STKSpace.

What You Will Learn

This course will focus on space-related capabilities, such as:

  • Orbit types

  • Orbit propagation & trajectories

  • Space Environment including radiation, debris, magnetic field

  • Space-based Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Space-based communications (from LEO to GEO and beyond)

  • Orbital maneuvers, Rendez-vous & Proximity Operations (RPO)

  • Spacecraft attitude dynamics

  • Conjunction Analysis in Space

  • Satellite Constellation analysis

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Course Details


SSCL Offices

260 Hearst Way, Suite 401

Kanata (Hwy 417 @ Eagleson Rd)

Custom Training

STKCore image 2.png

Do you have unique training needs not covered by our other courses? Our team of STK experts will develop a custom, client-specific training program designed to meet your needs.

Simply contact us using the form below and our team will reach out to design and facilitate your customized STK training. 

About the Instructor

Wayne Ellis.jpg

Wayne A Ellis, BSc, MSc, is a Grand Master STK-Certified user with both a military (20 yrs) and commercial (15+ yrs) space/defence background.

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