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SSCL and AppSpace Solutions Inc Join Forces to Provide Digital Mission Modeling Training to Government, Defence, and Commercial Clients

October 20, 2023

Contact:  Andre Dupuis
Direct Email:

Phone Number:  (613)-979-0623

Starting the fall of 2023, SSCL will become the focal point for digital mission modeling (DMM) training in Canada as AppSpace Solutions Inc formally brings its line of DMM training products under the SSCL Training program. 

DMM is an important component of digital mission engineering (DME). DME applies computer-based modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) tools which incorporate the operational environment and evaluate mission outcomes at every phase of the life cycle. The proper application of DMM/DME has the potential to reduce program risk and accelerate complex capability development. The DMM product line will include professional development courses covering the major MS&A capabilities of Ansys’ Systems Toolkit (STK) products.

Andre Dupuis, SSCL’s President and CEO, said: 

“SSCL continues to be on the leading edge of assisting our clients with their digital transformation efforts. The inclusion of this line of training will strongly enhance our clients’ responsiveness and resilience to the rapidly changing aerospace and defence environment.” 

Wayne Ellis, AppSpace Solutions Inc President and Chief Consultant, expressed:

"Since SSCL and AppSpace Solutions Inc had already developed a strong and effective working relationship, this is a logical evolution to better synergize our capacity to meet the needs of our Canadian (and other) customers."

ABOUT Space Strategies Consulting, Ltd.

SSCL’s team of highly qualified Space Professionals brings our clients a deep understanding of the complexities of space operations across the entire spectrum of users from Commercial, Civil and National Security stakeholders. We have in-depth knowledge of user requirements that can bring together space capability providers with operational users. Mission areas include: Policy Planning and Strategy Development, Space Mission Design, Space Sciences and Exploration, Government Contracting, Earth Observation and, Remote Sensing, Surveillance of Space, Satellite Communications, Training and Professional Development, and Exercise and Wargame Design, Development, and Execution. 

ABOUT AppSpace Solutions Inc.

AppSpace Solutions Inc has been in business since 2006 with the major aim of helping our clients make decisions regarding aerospace and defence systems. This is provided via expert advice, space and software training, as well as software sales support to clients such as Ansys.

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