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Space Strategies Consulting Limited (SSCL) to conduct the next Independent Review of Canada’s Remote Sensing Space Systems Act (RSSSA)

April 30, 2021

Contact: Andre Dupuis, Colonel (Retired), President SSCL
Direct Email:

Phone Number: (613)-979-0623

SSCL is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to conduct the 2022 Independent Review of the RSSSA.

The RSSSA requires than an Independent Review of the Act be conducted every five years, including a review of the provisions and operation of the Act to assess, in particular, its impact on technological development and on the implementation of international agreements and treaties.

In light of rapid and ongoing advances in satellite and remote sensing technologies, GAC is also seeking a more thorough examination of the impact of the Act on technological development, whether technological developments have rendered any aspects of the Act out of date, and what, if any, amendments to the Act and/or Regulations may be needed to reflect technological development.

Maria Rey, SSCL’S Chief Technology Officer, noted that:

“This review comes at an important time for Canada’s remote sensing space industry, as it experiences dramatic changes in technology, business models and international competition, as part of the ongoing revolution in the global space economy. Our Independent Review of the RSSSA will provide Government and legislators with the information and recommendations needed to ensure Canada meets its space remote sensing regulatory responsibilities while realizing key opportunities in space for Canada’s economic future.”

SSCL will be reaching out to a wide range of RSSSA stakeholders from industry, academia and Government to gather their views and inform the Independent Review. Any stakeholders who wish to contact the review team directly can do so at:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will table the final report of the Independent Review of the RSSSA in Parliament in the Spring of 2022.

About the RSSSA enjeux_developpement/peace_security-paix_securite/space-espace.aspx?lang=eng

About Space Strategies Consulting, Ltd.

SSCL is dedicated to providing trusted third-party advice to the commercial, civil and national security space enterprise. Our team of highly qualified space professionals brings our clients a deep understanding of the complexities of space operations across the entire spectrum of users from commercial, civil and national security stakeholders. Our mission areas include Policy Planning and Strategy Development, Space Law and Policy, Space Mission Design, Space Sciences and Exploration, Government Contracting, Earth Observation and Remote Sensing, Surveillance of Space, Satellite Communications, Training and Professional Development, and Exercise and Wargame Design, Development and Execution.

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