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Providing Independent 3rd Party Advice
to Defence and Security Stakeholders

About Us

At SSCL, our team of highly qualified Space Professionals bring to our clients a deep understanding of the complexities of space operations across the entire spectrum of users from Commercial, Civil and National Security stakeholders. We have in-depth knowledge of user requirements that can bring together space capability providers with operational users.


Mission Statement

As thought leaders, we will bring forward innovative solutions and disruptive capabilities for the most pressing challenges in aerospace, near-space and space domain for civil, commercial and national security applications.

Unique Capabilities In:

  • Operational Research and Analysis

  • Capability-Based Planning

  • Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

  • Fundamental and Applied Research

  • Concept Development and Experimentation

  • Data Exploitation

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Small and Agile

  • Extensive network of partner companies

  • Unique expertise in military and national security space

Products and Services

Knowledge and Expertise

Space Technologies and Applications


Satellite Communication

National Security and Defence

Remote Sensing

Energy and Power Production

Policy, Planning and Strategy Development

Exercise and Wargame Design, Development and Execution

Technology and Development

Training and Professional Development

Operational Mission Design

Contracting Support and Advice

Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

Let's Talk

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